Mum home … but husband in Intensive Care – far out!

Thursday night I went and got Mum out of hospital. We got home about 6.30pm and settled her back in. Her kidneys are on the mend and she’s feeling quite good. It had been a long week and I was really tired.

I’d been asleep about 30 minutes when Tony woke me, saying he had a pain in his right arm and a sore throat. Kept an eye on him for a few minutes, then decided to ring 111 for an ambulance. Of course being an ambulance officer himself he’s a hopeless patient!

We were in the Emergency Dept by about 11.30pm. One of the nurses look at me a bit quizzically and I said “just don’t say a word”. By 2am they were sure it was cardiac related and decided to transfer him to Base Hospital, which is another hour away. So, it’s a 3 hour round trip to visit him…

Turns out he had an actual heart attack, and the pain lasted through much of Friday. He’s a lot better today – off the drip, off the morphine, and feeling much brighter. He’ll be in Intensive Care all weekend hooked up to a monitor then on Monday they’ll do a treadmill stress test to see if he needs to be assessed for a stent or bypass or whatever.

Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire…

3 thoughts on “Mum home … but husband in Intensive Care – far out!

  1. Oh Cath, what a week for you. Very glad you packed him off to the hospital and that he is doing better now. Hope things resolve without too much drama and everyone continues in better health for a while. Thoughts with you and yours.

    Love the new site – blogger has been frustrating me for a while too. Been working on a website, and just waiting till I get it sorted before I give blogger the boot.

    Take care!!!


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