Out of Intensive Care and home again…

Tony is out of hospital and back home with us. What a relief. They did a basic treadmill test to make sure it was safe to release him, gave him some new medication and waved us goodbye.

He’ll be off work for 4 to 6 weeks because, being an ambulance officer, the rules around driving are very strict. And besides, they don’t want to do a ‘proper’ stress test till then anyway, as they want his heart to heal a bit in the meantime.

So, a huge wake-up call, but all safe and sound. All I can say is, thank goodness for the medical teams — our family has a lot to thank them for.

Celebrating Mum's 84th

Celebrating Mum's 84th

3 thoughts on “Out of Intensive Care and home again…

  1. Cath! I’m AM out of date – glad Tony and your mother are home again, and sorry to hear about the family illnesses. Please do take care of yourself in the midst of caring for your family. It was lovely to see the photo of the two on this post. Hope your Mum gets through the rest of the winter without having to have another trip to hospital. You did well with her diet to prevent gall bladder problems, and it’s a pity the hospital food triggered that. I’m assuming Tony has not yet been assessed for bypass or whatever? Will be thinking of you and hoping everyone has a speedy recovery and restful time.


  2. Cath – so sorry for all you have been going through. What a relief to have everyone home in your cozy nest. Sending you vibes of healing and peace that you all get restful nights and healthy days (and a little time for creativity as we know that makes us feel good *grin*)


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