Semi-controlled chaos

I have six paintings to finish by the end of the month for exhibition in Auckland. It is seriously freezing in my art room at this time of the year. So I am working inside the house, using my office as an art room. My office is really half of the spare bedroom, with a bookcase, desk, computer desk and a couple of printers – so it’s kinda cramped at the best of times.

Currently there are two large, partly painted, canvas against the wall just inside the door. Four long, thin canvas lying on the bed, drying after from their first coat of tinted gesso. And no gesso on the duvet cover. And a little gesso on the duvet cover. My desk is smothered in paint brushes, tubes of paint, reference photos, paper towels and so on.

It is a very good thing we are not expecting any visitors… 

4 thoughts on “Semi-controlled chaos

  1. SO very glad to hear that your Mum and your husband both are doing well!

    Hard to conceive that it’s so cold there, when we’ve been sweltering in the 100’s here. We are beginning to feel just a touch of fall in the air on some days, and it is so nice!


  2. Hi Cath,
    Glad to hear your family is doing well now. What a scare for you all! Take care and keep smiling – Deanna : – )

    btw – I’ve updated your link – I love wordpress so I’m sure you’ll be happy with your move here!


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