It’s not just the room that’s messy

I am one of those artists that wears almost as much paint as the canvas. I have more ‘painting in’ clothes that I care to think about. I sometimes often have slightly unusual coloured fingernails – where the paint has ‘almost’ come off in the wash. Putting handcream on before I start painting would be a good idea, but I loathe the feel of it.

I don’t often paint with a brush; most of the time I smear paint on with paper towels or baby wipes. Baby wipes are a favorite tool, but the paint does get all over me. I love them because I can move the paint around, strengthening colour here, fading it there. I use cheap, eco-friendly ones from the supermarket. Sometimes I keep the paint-stained ones as base for collage or using in my journals.

Has anyone else tried painting with baby wipes?

4 thoughts on “It’s not just the room that’s messy

  1. What an interesting idea,,,,I’ve not used baby wipes,,have used paper towels, but may have to give the wipes a try.
    Like your moon painting by the way,,,and yes, of course my hands look like those of a mechanic,,but I don’t mind.


  2. A interesting blog!
    you can of course use anything to paint with sticks are good.
    Turneer used his fingers!
    I too have problems with paint being on me rather than canvas!
    like your style of painting


  3. Yes, I relate to having almost as much paint on me as the paintings. Once a painting completely wet with acrylic sky was blown over onto my ski jnacket sleeve. Made the greatest print ever. Looked like it was done on purpose. And the painting was none the worse after the accident since I was painting broad areas.


  4. Baby wipes are a great idea — always at the ready. I imagine they’d be stronger too than the paper towels I’m prone to using. I’ve heard of their being used in collage too, and need to make a note of that as well. A fun idea!


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