Bare bones

As I’ve said before, I paint mainly with paper towels and baby wipes and hardly use brushes. So how do I start a painting? I use old magazines as throw-away palettes; I choose a colour or three and squeeze some out onto a fresh magazine page. I squeeze a baby wipe in a paper towel, so the baby wipe is a bit drier, and the paper towel is damp. I pick up some colour/s with the baby wipe and start smearing them around, covering the canvas.

If I want to remove some colour, I use the damp paper towel. If I want thin, even colour, I scrunch the baby wipe up and rub hard. When I want to change colours and the current lot of paint is used up, I throw the page away and start on a fresh one. Quick ‘n easy clean up!

I this series of photos you can see the bare bones, done yesterday, and the almost-completed painting, which I have been working on this morning. So far, I have not picked up a brush. The middle shot shows the texture and variety of marks I get with the tools I use.  

2 thoughts on “Bare bones

  1. I like the idea of old magazines for the throw away palett. I tend to use throw away carton tops or scrap bits of cardboard.
    I like it when you buld up layers over a few weeks ( A Old Plastic Food container will do) . They sometomes can be works of art!.
    Also like the detail of your paintings will be interesting to see the final resul!


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