Full moon

I’m one of those people who are really affected by the full moon. Perhaps it is the light through our bedroom curtains, perhaps it is some tidal pull – who knows? What I do know is, come the full moon, I am *wide awake*, and likely to be found painting or emailing at 3am 😉

One afternoon Mum and I drove down to the beach for a quick look round and, quite by accident, I got some amazing shots of the full moon in a bright deep-blue sky, seen through the long grass. I have used the images over and over and over; and will continue to do so. Here is the latest moon painting. This one is acrylic on 30×40″ gallery wrap canvas and is heading for exhibition in Auckland in September.

7 thoughts on “Full moon

  1. The moon also has a great pull on my creativity. The moon theme with bright nights of painting plus blogging is so familiar. Here in Oregon, USA with the fires earlier this month we had an intense sunset with an orange moon rise in the East. When I am done using the moon as a symbol I might do some moon scape paintings.


  2. Your painting reminded me that I had a Moon painting somewhere, so dug ot out and posted it on my blo, also combined it with a You tune videao!
    I do like your style of painting, also I have linked to this blog


  3. This is so lovely. While looking realistically, the picture portrays the figure (moon depicts the face and the grass built the body)
    Your artwork awakens the fantasy and the dreams lead us beyond the paints – into inside the soul.
    I hope you will visit my blogs too and will leave your comments. Thank you.


  4. The full moon holds such magic, and the promise of things new.
    I definitly feel it has an effect on people,,,,,anything with the power to effect the tides, certainly must!
    It’s a great, peaceful painting Cath!


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