Small beginnings

I have been offered the chance to exhibit at a new gallery opening soon in Christchurch. Very exciting. I decided it would be good to do some small canvas to send down, ordered some, and they turned up last week. Yesterday I spent a lazy Sunday painting 10 new 4×4″ canvas. Martha was right; they’re addictive! By the way, Martha’s little canvases are amazing; you can see them here.

Some of the canvas I have used texture on them painted, others I have painted then collaged on to, others I have started messing round with and am not sure where they’ll lead. One thing’s sure, love my new 4x4s.



2 thoughts on “Small beginnings

  1. Wow!!! These are beautiful Cath! I don’t know what it is about those little guys, but it has something to do with being able to pick them up and hold them in your hand. Very nice beginnings.

    Do lots. People will buy them as groupings!


  2. What I like about this bloging busness, is that with a twinkling of a eye you are in another place, could be Florisa or newZealand!
    I too can get hooked on the small canvases , and people do like to touch then if they are textured and I especially like the textured one, have fun with preparing for the exhibition!


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