Trying a new direction

Circles 4

Circles 4

This weekend I have been working (playing) with new directions; nothing serious, just seeing what happens. This wee one is a 4×4″ box canvas – it has a lot of layers, some scumbling, some stamping, some glazing. I’ve also been working on a new set of four 4x4s ready for the new gallery in Christchurch.







I’ve also been working on a digital entry for the latest Masters Month challenge, Andy Warhol, with the NZ Art Guild. I took a self-portrait using my Nikon D40 then manipulated it in Photoshop Elements to get a Warhol style self-portrait poster.

One thought on “Trying a new direction

  1. So much energy. With all these wonderful new directions. the new Zealand Art guild has such good projects. I especially love the floppy expression of your puppy, Faith. I hope you won’t mind me borrowing the pose for an illustrtion. I have been having a hard time with it it the past week and today I’ll make it work with this idea. I have to make it look like it is sculpted from clay though.


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