GPP Street Team Crusade No 23

Well, the month is almost over, and today I got the chance to enter Michelle’s latest challenge. You can read the details here. The challenge was about cleaning up – “clearing your plate” – but doing it your own way. And I did.

Today I moved mountains of “stuff” that had accumulated in my art room. Emptied boxes, consolidated things, cleaned up piles of left over bits and bobs. I wouldn’t call the room super tidy or super organised; but compared with the non-existent “before” photos, it’s a miracle 🙂

Can you see the wall of 4×4 and 4×8 canvas piled up at the back of my desk – I love having them all sitting there just waiting for me to have a few spare minutes!

6 thoughts on “GPP Street Team Crusade No 23

  1. Wowee, what a difference compared to your before pics! LOL. I just hopped over here from MW’s GPP Street Team page. I got in on this challenge, myself, and just posted some before and afters of my own earler today. BTW, LOVE your collages!!


  2. Cath – look at that! All those canvases look like a pile of potential. And look at those painted ones! Lovely. Happy to hear the glee in your voice for having a cleared space to work. Thanks for coming to play Cath, and bravo!!


  3. Oh Cath! This looks VERY organized & tidy to me!
    (compared to mine, most anything would be)

    And doesn’t looking at all these fresh canvases stacked up make you feel wealthy? We are blessed to be able to have our supplies!

    Love what you’re doing with the 4×4’s,,,,and also the blue moon painting,,,,it’s awesome!


  4. I love a tidy room – any chance you could come over and tidy mine now?

    cathy – I’ve been looking for a label or a post for the series work which you mentioned on my blog – but can’t find one. I’m doing a post about artists who work in series and need a link or a label. No immediate rush but if you could let me know that would be great.



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