It’s years since I was tagged, and the tag comes from my good blogging friend artist Martha Marshall, so what the heck. Why not? Here’s how tagging works —

List 5 unusual things about yourself. Put a link in your post to the person who tagged you. Tag 5 other bloggers at the end of your post and comment on their blogs to let them know. Let the tagger (me) know when you have posted your list.

Five unusual things you might not know about me are:

1. I have a scar on my upper thigh where a sheep race gate fell on me as a child.

2. I have a terrible phobia about an insect we don’t even have here in New Zealand – I can’t type the name sorry, even knowing I’m kind of thinking about it makes me feel hot and sick.

3. My husband Tony and I have been living with my mother as her caregivers for the last 10 years. Hard work? Yes. But also a privilege few daughters get these days.

4. I love Hokey Pokey ice cream and chocolate chips – together.

5. I have a degree and post grad diploma in sociology. I loved my time as a student, and would love to do more study one day.

I’m tagging:

Sandra at Dreamswork – she’s a wonderful New Zealand artist; I love her life drawings.

Denise at Melancholie Dreams- another Kiwi artist who makes the most amazing ceramic works.

Trish at Liquorice – wonderfully supportive TLC art tutor and textile artist.

Sue from It’s a dog’s life – a good friend and a colleague, who blogs on behalf of one of her dogs.

Shelly at Gift of Art – a lovely new Kiwi art gallery, where owner Shelly wants to provide art classes for youth.

2 thoughts on “Tagged!

  1. Hi Cath. I posted the tag to my blog…couldn’t tag other people…so I put an open invite on there. It was not something I normally do…talk about myself! That drawing you mention, it’s on ordinary brown paper so I can’t guarantee the life of it. Also I’ve not yet sprayed it so am unsure if it will lose media – it’s soft pastel roughly drawn over the paper before drawing on top. If you’re still interested I’ll work out a price.


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