Summer’s colours

summer-garden-5I’ve been playing round with more 4×4 canvas, stocking up for the Christmas and summer trade. While I was taking photos for my files etc I realised there were some recent works I hadn’t blogged about. Well, can’t have that! Not when there’s nothing else to post about today anyway…

This is one of a set of four that was done about a month ago, and the colours were inspired by wandering round our garden, where theĀ rhododendron are starting to flower. All those lovely mauves, blues, pinks and purples – and that wee hint of yellow or white in the centre. Stunning.

3 thoughts on “Summer’s colours

  1. Cath- this is a lovely painting. I am jealous that summer is coming to your part of the world. We are heading into winter here (Oregon) and I am already dreaming of spring and summer. Thank you for leaving your comment on my blog!


  2. Cath – I love your paintings! Your Mt Egmonts look so tactile – brilliant! I think abstracts are wonderful because people always see something different in them… mysterious to me they are.


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