Remembering summer’s colours ;-)

The weather has been beautiful here for the last few days; to be honest it’s been a bit too hot for my liking. But this afternoon the weather has taken a turn for the worse. I have gone from wearing a sleeveless cotton dress round the house, with barefeet, to jeans and a medium weight top. But I can still enjoy the colours of early summer with another of the series of four wee canvas I posted about the other day. Here’s a second from the set.summer-garden-8

4 thoughts on “Remembering summer’s colours ;-)

  1. Soon we will be heading to a wedding at a skiing resort -Government Camp, Mt Hood, Oregon. Mt Hood looks like a sister of Mt. Edmond and I am enspired by your paintings to capture it’s beauty. Would make an excellent wedding gift.


  2. Upps I meant Mt. Egmont looks like a brother to sister Mt. Hood. I don’t suppose that anyone in New Zealand misses winter enough to come join us on the Oregon Coast or at Mt. Hood. I like how you are abstracting the summer colors and the shapes have interesting variety from the way you printed them on. I really like the way you are working very small for the spontinaity in these works.


  3. Another beauty Cath,,,,you do great justice to these
    small canvases. Is some of the work stamped?
    (not nosey, just curious,,,,,okay, maybe it is nosey)


  4. Curious Babs, not nosey! And very observant 🙂 The rings are the bottom of small bottles of Golden Fluid Acrylics. I was searching for a circle shape and there they were on my desk LOL


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