Winning with Kandinsky – NZ Art Guild Masters Challenge

Every month NZ Art Guild members are given an artist to study. They have the next 4 weeks to paint/create something inspired by the work of that artist. These challenges are completely voluntary. Submissions must be original, be of any size, medium or style, must adhere to copyright laws and be completed during the 4 week time-frame. The most recent Masters Month Challenge was the work of Wassily Kandinsky.
I spent some time looking at his work, including here, and decided the circles appealed to me. I thought they were a good chance to have a play with oil pastels on top of an acrylic underpainting. The finished piece is 4×8″ on gallery wrap canvas.
My piece won the “People’s Choice” for the month as voted by fellow Guild members. Thanks everyone.
Circles after Kandinsky

Circles after Kandinsky

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