Looking forward to 2009

Some of us in the NZ Art Guild have been looking back at our art goals for 2008, and thinking ahead to 2009. I did reasonably well on my ’08 goals; some are ongoing and well enough entrenched as to be habits now. Others turned out to be “not such good ideas” and have been left behind. So what have I decided on as my goals for 2009. The short version is:

1. A body of paintings that hangs together around a theme or process (don’t know what yet).

2. A small body of textile work to exhibit as a whole.

3. Some charity work so I can give back.

4. To market myself more systematically.

Here’s the expanded version – with the where’s and whys:

1. A body of paintings that hangs together around a theme or process (don’t know what yet). This is the big one for the year. As it says, I don’t know yet what it is that will bring cohesion, but I do know that cohesion is what I need form my work this year. A body of work that I can hang in one place, and one time, and have it say “one artist did this and it works”. How hard can it be!

2. A small body of textile work to exhibit as a whole. I am planning a series of experimental work with TLC tutor and artist Trisha Findlay. We’ve yet to work out the details but essentially we’re talking about a monthly challenge with a view to exhibiting the work at the end of the process. And speaking of process, the challenge is likely to be around process, not size, or subject etc.

3. Some charity work so I can give back. This is about donating the occasional work to charity auctions etc. Not too much or too often, but enough to know I am giving back. Why not too much or too often? Think about this – when do you think was the last time your accountant or mechanic was asked to donate his time and materials to a charity auction? Yet artists are not big earners to start with…

4. To market myself more systematically. I do some marketing but it is a bit haphazard. I need to think it through more, be more systematic; less scatter-gun, more bulls eye!

Have you been thinking about what you did in 2008? Do you have any goals in mind for 2009? I’d love to hear your thoughts on either, or both.

5 thoughts on “Looking forward to 2009

  1. So impressive, your list of goals!
    Afraid I’m not very goal oriented,,,,except for the giving back thing.
    All your goals are important, but I think this is the most important one,,,,the attitude of gratitude. Well done, Cath!


  2. Though not in exactly the way I thought of initially, I can say I’ve achieved most of what I wanted this year. All up, with some variations in detail, media, your goals are not far off what I’ve been thinking about. The textile project sounds great. For mine I want to get back to some book art, as it seems to have fallen by the way this year.


  3. I’m not very goal oriented either,,it always makes me feel bad not to achieve , if I set them.
    Goals are good however,,,and I admire yours,,,all the best of luck with achieving!


  4. I am very much in favor of making goals in great detail and then putting them on a back burner only to look at them every few months. I congratulate you on your goals. I resonate with yours.
    The single most enjoyable experience for me in 2008 was teaching watercolor journaling in an accordion folded book. So next year I will learn how to make some different types of artist books. Sharing the making of books with my grandchildren is rewarding when they light up with pride in the books that they make. Next year I will take an accordion folded watercolor journal with me on a trip around Cape Horn from Buenos Aires to Valparaiso. In 2008 I illustrated some children’s books for an author. I really liked black and white brush drawings and feel challenged to again try illustrating my own writing. I feel better at the drawings than the writing but writing keeps a series a unit. My paintigns will continue to be for sale but I will not try to promote sales because my husband and I travel. And when we are at home I am always having to do some business when our local painting groups meets just once a month. I wish you well for a happy painting 2009.


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