Art eyes

Art eyes. Do you know them? They’re the slight red-rimmed, tired looking ones that have read too many art books, stared at too many lines, spent too long poring over paints and crayons and pens. But it was worth it! I have had a day and a half of ‘mucking round’ with no real purpose in mind, just fiddling about getting all inspired. Lovely fun. Now my poor old eyes need a rest…so it must be time to go cook dinner.

Mind you, if I wore my reading glasses, instead of letting them sit idle on my desk it might help. I am very short sighted, so my glasses go on before I even get out of bed. Having worn glasses for 36 years I am finding it hard to get into the habit of taking them off in favour of my reading ones. But it is becoming crucial. Sometimes I find myself looking under my glasses to do close work, or moving text further away from me. Perhaps tomorrow I will remember to use them. Or perhaps not 😉


2 thoughts on “Art eyes

  1. Me too, Cath! This glasses thing is so blasted annoying, peering over them, under them, put them down, can’t see well enough to find them half the time…yet sometimes, I get out of bed, and its an hour or so before I realise I haven’t got them on. Weird. And red rimmed eyes …oh yes, have those too! For a variety of reasons! Best wishes for the season to you and yours.


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