My word is …

Along with setting some goals for the year, I’ve been doing some creative thinking using a journal mydear friend Steph gave me called “The sacred journey daily journal for your soul”. At the start of the year the books encourages doing lots of thinking about key words, goals, attitudes, affirmations. My word for 2009 is balance. My creative expression is “my art is mine and it is OK“. More on that in another post. But back to balance; why balance, and what does it mean for me?


  • between my needs and the needs of those around me
  • between work and home
  • between time doing art and time marketing art
  • between the process of making art and the goal of the piece of art
  • between time enjoying the net and time wasted on the net
  • between wanting things now and wanting to get our $ under control
  • between creating for joy and creating for profit

And a more balanced attitude about:

  • food
  • exercise
  • putting tasks off for another day
  • taking on other people’s worries

I can think of a lot of ways in which BALANCE is what is needed in my life in 2009.

Many of the artists whose blogs I follow are also talking about their goals and key words for 2009: Martha Marshall, Tina Mammoser, Vivien Blackburn,and Jeanette Jobson all have interesting posts for you to enjoy. Happy reading! 

5 thoughts on “My word is …

  1. Balance is a great word! One of the things that worried me about my word (Structure) was that I might get obsessed with that side of things. Which is why I chose a second word to balance it out. 🙂 But balance overall is probably the best goal.


  2. Cath, you are so right about there being a need to balance things in a healthy way. I can tell you that where we took down the Christmas tree we now have the treadmill in place, and I am looking forward to balancing some of those extra calories over the last month with some healthier eating (less chocolate!) and more exercising. Thanks for a great post that made me think!


  3. Excellent, thought provoking post!
    Balance,,,,such a small word, with huge meaning.
    Not easy. I can relate to needing to balance so many of those things you listed!


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