Crusade 27: Shape Up

6a00d8341c6e6653ef010536ac0171970b-700wi1Michelle’s challenge for Jan 2009 is to explore just one shape – stencil it, mask it, stamp it, gesso it…   It didn’t take me long to decide on the PEAR for my shape. It’s a shape I was using in some figure paintings about 3 years ago and the idea of rediscovering it really appealed.

I spent today in my art room and made stencils, masks and a stamp. I played with spray paint, gesso, acrylic paint and Indian ink. I am so excited my what I’ve done that I want to make an art quilt featuring a pear, and do a big painting using the pear shape as well.

I like the ones where the pears are not so obvious; I think this is perhaps my favorite.


22 thoughts on “Crusade 27: Shape Up

  1. Cath – you ROCK! LOVE these pears. You got so much done. WOW!!! I am so thrilled to see you running a marathon with this challenge. PEAR was a shape-crush of mine a few years ago so I adore your work here. I especially love the pieces with the text. So COOL to see ALL the manifestations here. CAN YOU TELL I’M EXCITED?! Thank you for sharing this post with the street team – I’m certain it will inspire. I just re-read your post and cracked up at the pun – the pear *appealed* to you again. Here’s another: these pages are so JUICY. xo


  2. Cath this is awesome! I love your pear shape and everyhing you have done with it…just love it. I am in the process of doing mine and have to admit to having run with it a lot yesterday and enjoying so much that I lost time. Should have something up over the weekend but I digress…this is just brilliant!


  3. Oh wow! You ran a heck of a way with your pears! Awesome – really wicked… I love the large almost-hidden text one. I’ve just started and you’ve made me want to do more… TFS!


  4. You’ve inspired me to get creating! I’ve been collecting images but have yet to create anything. It is certainly time for me to pull out the paints and inks and gesso.

    I love pears. It reminds me of some friends of my who are a very unique couple. For their wedding their theme was the “perfect pear.” They too love the pear image.

    Well done!


  5. I love your shape! In Australia, when things go “pear shaped” it means that things are being turned up-side-down, or going bad. Your pieces aren’t “pear shaped” at all!

    Michelle Brown
    Melbourne Australia


  6. Hi Cath
    WOW what a lot of work you’ve done and it all looks DELICIOUS!! I agree with you: the ones with letters/text on them look best, but the other ones are also very yummie!


  7. More pears. These are great as well. I really like the top one where I have to struggle to see the pear and the positive negitive stuff . XXXtrisha


  8. Love your pear shape! I agree with you, the subtle pear is the coolest. Though I LOVE your red and black piece in the middle of the bottom row. All of them are beautiful. Way to run with it!

    P.S. I notice in your “about me” corner it says you are a library manager. Is that in a public library or something specialized? I’m just starting my masters degree in library science, so I’m interested 🙂


  9. Great idea to study the pear shape… My particular favorites are the ones with the various text. I also checked out your pear canvas and the word that comes to mind is STUNNING! The colors in the pear positively glow.


  10. hello Cath,

    thanks for passing by at pinkepinke and my crusade !
    I’m still catching up all the other participants shapes and so I discovered your “pear”shape.

    You’ ve been really creative and productive with this shape !
    My favorite is the third one on the top row…
    greetings from belgium


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