Pears on the brain

I’ve been putting my pear collages into Photoshop and playing around with them. Looking at crops, colour schemes and textures – just seeing what works and what doesn’t. Some of these ideas may well turn up in a series of new paintings I am doing for exhibition in Auckland later in the year. Originally I was going to do a series based on my obsession with the moon but, to be honest, I think the pear shape affords me more opportunities.  I have to do what are, for me anyway, some quite big canvas – up to around a metre square – so I need a basis for the series which I feel can translate in a variety of ways, shapes and styles.

In case you are wondering, this is a follow-on from Michelle’s Crusade No 27 which you can read about here. So inspiring, thanks Michelle.

11 thoughts on “Pears on the brain

  1. cath – these are fab!! looking at work through photoshop is a quick and interesting discovery of how to tweak the real work, don”t you think? i love that you can slide the color or contrast and be informed of what to try next. terrific follow-up to your previous shape posts. congrats on the mission to create the big canvases! and thanks for being such an enthusiastic player, sharing all your pears. xo


  2. Cath, I absolutely love all the work you have done with the pear shape. Its not only the shape but what you have done with it…is just awesome!


  3. What neat things you are doing!!! Playing with images is one of my plans for soon. I have just purchased a copy of “From Image to Stitch” by Maggie Gray which has lots of good ideas I plan to try.


  4. Wow, these are amazing!!! I’m so impressed! I wish I had your photoshop skills-I know only the most basic applications. Definitely on my list of things to get better at.
    Love your choice of shape too!


  5. Just stopping by from GPP. Congratulations on your win! I’m new to the crusades and seeing everyone’s beautiful work is so inspiring. I love the pears. What a great shape to work with!


  6. Congrats on Winnign this Crusade Cath!! Your post was the first one that I saw for this crusade and I will never forget how much it inspired me!! I love aht you have done here!! I love your use of color and the dripping paint is so fabulous and brave and so perfect!!! I couln’t have picked a better winner and I know that your piece entered in the Leukemia auction will do very well!!!
    Best Regards!!


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