Playing with acrylic & mediums: Golden Landscape 7

I have been working on some small 4×4″ canvas again, in a continuing series, this time using more mediums and a high gloss resin-type glaze over the top. The series alludes to, but does not replicate, the land I see around me here on the West Coast of New Zealand. The strong hot colours refer to the weather we are having at the moment – really hot and quite dry. I love working in this format; I can put 4 or 6 canvas on my desk and work on all of them at once, so that there is a relationship between them.

I use mainly Golden products – in this case I used light modeling paste, pumice gel, garnet gel, gesso, and a then gloss glazing medium.  The colour is all Golden Fluid acrylics – I buy the small bottles and just love them. When I first get them I smear some of the colour on the lid of the bottle so I can see the colours when they are all standing in the drawer they’re stored in – saves me picking up the bottles and checking the colour as I work. I put the paint on with brushes, my fingers, a palette knife, a sponge and even a syringe I got from our local vet. My hands always tell the story of what I’ve been doing, what colours I’m into at the time…

Works in this series are for sale in my Etsy store. golden-landscape-7

5 thoughts on “Playing with acrylic & mediums: Golden Landscape 7

  1. Just look at all those textures,,,all these additives
    are so cool! Your hands must be works of art unto themselves!
    Great Stuff, Cath!


  2. Lovely colours and lovely textures. Maybe hand prints or paper towels used to wipe your hands could become part of the materials and the process?


  3. Hi Cath,
    I love your work, especially the pears and this post with the acrylic medium ooooh–you’ve inspired me to try these
    I can’t wait! I also like your fabric landscape.



  4. These are beautiful – I just had a good look at them over at Etsy. It’s interesting – I tend not to use medium very much when painting with acrylics – other than gloss medium as collage glue; but these work beautifully.


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