A portrait by Jeanette

Huh? Okay, let me explain. Jeanette Jobson is one of the artists involved with Watermarks, a blog I follow. I hopped over to her blog last week to see what she was up to and commented on something I saw. Nothing unusual in that.

The next thing I know, we’re friends on Facebook. Cool; it’s great to be networking with other artists. For Jeanette’s birthday she was drawing out the name of someone who’d commented, to do a portrait for and I won. Wahoo – I am so excited! The photos I sent Jeanette are shown below.

My  Mum is turning 85 in late June. As many of you know, Mum has chronic health problems and was not meant to live this long, in fact 2 years ago now the health system started putting palliative care in place. So this birthday is special. And have a watercolour portrait, done by Jeanette, to give to Mum is extra special. Thanks so much Jeanette, I am so appreciate of your generosity.

2 thoughts on “A portrait by Jeanette

  1. Cath, its my pleasure to do a portrait of your Mum. I love creating portraits so its a bit self serving for me 🙂 I hope she will enjoy it.

    My own mother will be 85 in July. She has her challenges but still lives alone.

    I did this little contest because I believe art is to be shared and if it can bring a smile to someone else, all the better.


  2. How cool is that? I had a look at Jeanette’s blog and she has posted the portrait as a work in process- it’s fascinating to see each step.

    What a treasure for you.


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