Pastels for a change

I have been working mainly in acrylic and ink for quite a while now. I love the speed of working with acrylic, and the ease of cleaning up. But I also miss getting my hands in the medium. So I’ve started using pastels again, playing round on full sheets of Colorfix paper.

Sure, it dries my skin out. Sure, the dust gets all over me. But you know what? That doesn’t matter, cos I’m loving it. The immediacy of the medium is wonderful – the colour on the paper is the colour of the stick (is the colour on my face as I wipe my hand across my temple!) I can’t believe I stopped using pastels for so long. Silly me…

Materials: reference photos, full sheet Colorfix paper, Unison and Art Spectrum pastels, and my fingertips. Magic! Not finished yet, but thought I’d share the WIP.


3 thoughts on “Pastels for a change

  1. I have never really worked with pastels but I love your abstract art and your description. Whatever I work with I always seemed to get it all over me as excuse is that you cant be neat and creative!! Thanks for your great comment on my canvas page


  2. Ooooh, I can almost feel those velvety colors myself.
    I haven’t had my pastels out in ages. I wonder why we do that,,,
    maybe it’s the dreaded clean up. But then, as has been said, it’s ALL messy in my hands. Silly us.


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