Back to the pears

A while back, in response to one of Michelle Ward’s Crusades, I started exploring the pear shape. And before long found I had become thoroughly hooked. Some of the work I did round pears can be seen here and here.  There’s something really valuable about exploring the same shape, over and over and over. It seems to me that once you are comfortable with a shape, so that your hand knows how to make it happen, your mind becomes free to play round with texture and colour and distortion – without fear of losing the essence of the shape. Does that make sense?

If you look at the work of Picasso, Mondrian and Turner – just for starters – you’ll find the same shapes and themes over and over again. Or how about Van Gogh’s sunflowers? Or Monet’s water lillies? Playing with the subject, but retaining the essential element. In contemporary work, look no further than Tina Mammoser or Vivien Blackburn. Exploring the same subjects over an over, getting familiar and pushing the boundaries – and producing stunning work.

Well, the pear obsession continues. I have painted them, drawn them with pastel, cut a lino cutting of a pear, cut them out of magazines to create collages, stampd them with gesso. Next I want to try some textile work with pears – perhaps drawing on the fabric, maybe fabric collage, or some monoprints on fabric.

Anyway…I was due to send work for exhibition in Auckland soon, to a venue I have supplied before, but the recession has hit them and they are no longer a viable venue. It’s  shame really, as it wasa venue I liked, but it’s no use crying over spilt milk. On the bright side, it means I have three biggish works ready to hang. So my new pear paintings will go to the Affordable Art Show and Original Art Sale instead. Here is one of the new pieces. It’s 30×30″ in acrylic and ink on gallery warp canvas.


8 thoughts on “Back to the pears

  1. Love that pear, Cath.

    I’m intrigued about your use of letters on your work. I have a sense that when I get into painting words will feature heavily. How did you apply the letters? Did you use stamps/stencils???


  2. Cath – poor Mum! OMG… that’s a whopping bruise.

    Your pears are wonderful! This one in particular looks so fat and lustrous – almost like a crystal ball, I imagine seeing shapes in the light – if you get what I mean? I love the big bold stencilled word too!

    Can’t wait to see what you do with textiles… so exciting!! =)


  3. Hi Cath,
    Your pears are wonderful! I also have a series of pears in my work, I just keep coming back to them. Last week, they were on sale in the grocery store so I bought a few and had a photo shoot before we ate them LOL.
    I hope your Mum is feeling better, too.



  4. Not sure what it is about pears but I love them. And I am crazy about this one! Love how you stenciled on the word Pear. So post-modern. Great colors. Great composition. Great piece!


  5. I remember your pears from the crusade! Nice to see you have continued them. I went through a pear drawing stage many years ago, and I’m still drawn to them. There’s just something so orgnanic and wonderful about that shape. I love the bits of red and green in this one and the slightly textured look round the bottom.


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