Mum interlude – ouch!


Last weekend and all was quiet. All I heard was a giant crash – I knew straight away Mum had fallen. When I got into her room she was lying on her side on the floor, sort of laughing, and looking a bit guilty. It was almost her afternoon nap time, and I knew instantly what had happened, and why she looked guilty…

Sure enough, she confirmed my suspicions. 85 years old, fragile and sometimes unsteady, and she’d been balancing on one leg, trying to take her trackpants off over her slippers. Good one Mum!

Checked her over, nothing obvious, didn’t hurt to breath, so got her up and helped her into bed for her afternoon sleep. Kept checking her periodically and decided we didn’t need to go to A&E, so all good. We see them often enough as it is.

She kept saying her side was uncomfortable but I couldn’t find anything, and her breathing stayed okay. Two days later I found this massive black and purple bruise on her, umm, chest. The photo is heavily cropped so we don’t get accused of porn, if you see what I mean LOL. It’s a cracker of a bruise that’s for sure – probably 6 or 7 inches square in all.

And, for the record, she promises to always sit down to remove shoes, trackpants etc from now on. Time will tell…

4 thoughts on “Mum interlude – ouch!

  1. OUCH! Man that looks nasty! Really,,,so glad she wasn’t
    injured further!
    My Dad falls often. He is 89,,has Alzheimers ,and doesn’t remember that he can’t walk unassisted. He’s so lucky,,,minor scrapes only. It’s hard on them, and hard on the caregivers.
    Hats off to you Cath,,,you’re doing a good job!


  2. Yikes, that is a bad looking bruise, but I’m so very glad that your Mom is OK. I bet that bruise will fade with some time. I always worry about the throw rugs because that’s how my Mom fell and broke her hip before she passed away. My Mom had Alzheimers too. 😦 Big Hugs to both of you.


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