After George Morandi

As a member of the NZ Art Guild, I try to take their challenges as often as I can. Sometimes it is about using a particular style or technique, sometimes it is about being inspired by a certain artist. The most recent Master’s Month artist was George Morandi. I had not heard of him, so some research was needed. You can see some of his work here.

I had two attempts at this; the first was a watercolour which focused on the way he let shapes run into each other by using wet in wet colours. Morandi’s watercolours also had a lot of white space, and quite distinct shapes.

For my second attempt I reworked one of his oil paintings as a collage using hand painted paper, scrapbook papers, glue, ink and pen. The collage won the ‘most creative use of the theme’ award.



4 thoughts on “After George Morandi

  1. The idea of painting like established historic artists is truely an expanding exercise. I wish our guild had similar objectives. Here the guild is primarily interested in making “professional art” suitable for sale. I think a non-pofit guild should be meaningful for all. Professional guilds should pay tax. My opinions are making me very unpopular her.


  2. These are wonderful, Cath. I love the transparent watercolour applied to Morandi composition. You’ve just reminded me how much I love his work. You’ve also inspired me to try this exercise in my explorations with gouache. Thank you!


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