Painting returns home for a brief stay

summer-floodsWell, I thought this painting was on display periodically at a local gallery. Umm, no – it was stored in a carton upstairs above the gallery. I guess I should have kept a closer eye on things – won’t make that mistake again. So now it is home for a short time, then off to Auckland for a big art sale that’s coming up.

This was done, from memory, about 18 months ago in response to some summer floods. It was incredibly hot, hence the hot colours, and there was water just everywhere. Such an odd combination weather-wise for here, and one that made me head for my paints.

3 thoughts on “Painting returns home for a brief stay

  1. Wow,,,wonderful use of those hot colors!
    somehow it also feels ‘springy-ish’.
    Love the paintings featured below,,,the hard edges in the first,
    and the huge creativity in the collage.
    Now wonder it got that prize!
    Hope Mum is healing well,,,,


  2. Cath, I can see the heat and the flood waters in this, it”s a lovely abstract…I love the aqua blue and hot colors and how you swirled them together, feels stormy and wild!


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