And even more pears

I’ve done quite a few pear paintings now, mostly with this drippy splashy sort of background. I really like the colours in this, but I am not sure about the pear itself. Will live with it for a bit longer and see what I think. What do you think? blue pear 1

10 thoughts on “And even more pears

  1. I like that the pear is not quite a traditionl pear shape – you know how at the supermarket they are not all perfect -they usually come all gnarly and misshapen – I like that


  2. The only thing about this that doesn’t feel quite right is the bright highlight front and center on the pear. My eye goes straight to it, and misses everything else. I think you could get rid of that highlight, and just leave the softer ones on the side, and the painting would be perfect. I hope it’s ok to say so?


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