Latest NZ Art Guild challenge

I love the NZ Art Guild challenges and I really appreciate the time the guild puts into running them. Recently they have changed the way the challenges run, and this is the first one under the new guidelines. The quick version is; they provided a photo reference as a starting point and guild members are free to interpret it any way they choose.

The original photo is of a huge city building, all glass, with amazing reflections. I was interested in how unwelcoming the main building appeared; the door seemed small compared with the building itself, and in the photo is almost out of view. It reminded me that, in much the same way, many of us protect our hearts…hence the doors, lock and single, incomplete, key.

This is 23x30cm, mixed media. Digitally altered photo, collage, rubber stamping, ink.

where is the key

One of the reasons I tackled the challenge this way, instead of painting the building, is that I wanted to “make it my own”. Over at the Crusades, Michelle has been blogging about making our art our own. Michelle talks about taking something and adding your own twist – making the artist’s hand visible. I hope that is what I have achieved with this piece. Thanks, as always, for the challenge and the inspiration Michelle.

11 thoughts on “Latest NZ Art Guild challenge

  1. Cath – I love how you explained this piece, and gave it many doors to enter, and made reference to a locked heart. So many treasures within the heart, and possibly within the building, if we only dare to enter in. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Completely original and well executed piece!
    This one really gave you opportunity to express your very own creativity,,,,and it’s so fine!
    I also love the stiching in your previous post,,,always refreshing to come here!


  3. I thnk it is always so interesting to learn what inspired a piece of art, and how the artist took that inspiration and made it their own. This is a perfect example for the crusade! I really love the text you used. It suggests a long, sad, story behind the image.


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