2nd NZ Art Guild Challenge

The second of the new series of NZ Art Guild challenges is due by 8am tomorrow morning. This time the work could be in any medium but had to include, in some way, the following: umbrella, orange, innocence, triangle. The orange background in my work is a painting I did while studying orange about 18 months ago. The baby is my grandson Rory. The umbrella is obvious I hope. The triangles? There are two triangle shaped groups of flowers and a lighter triangular patch of orange in the centre. The final piece is a mixed media digital work, 10x12cm, titled “sleep of the innocent“. sleep innocent flowers


2 thoughts on “2nd NZ Art Guild Challenge

  1. ahh, pretty precious shot! i didn’t want to go on and on more than i had already written. the rest of the story is…when people wanted certain looks, like a santa fe matriarch, a mountain skier, tennis player. etc. even though i still had to be creative, they weren’t what was inside of me and it just burned me out. but then i guess sometimes we just need to move on, eh. thanks so much for your comment, i loved it. wanda


  2. Aaah, this is just beautiful, Cath!
    And perfectly titled.
    Digital work is so hard (impossible) for me,
    and I think this is very impressive!


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