Thinking about my art practice

Today I have been cleaning, tidying and de-cluttering. It never ceases to amaze we just how much “stuff” can come into our house that we really don’t need. Gifts, things through the mail, junk from work I mean to do something arty with…in the end, it’s all just so much clutter! I find too much clutter quite tiring so today 3 boxes of books ‘n things have gone to charity,and a few pieces are on sale on TradeMe (NZ’s Ebay).

While I was cleaning I was thinking about my art practice and questioning where my art has been going since I finished my Diploma. Party, I was starting to feel like I’m just puddling round, not achieving a lot. But on reflection I know that’s not true. In some ways I am not as driven as I was, but that’s only because I am being kinder to myself, and taking more account of the other pulls on my time.

I still have a rigorous art practice and definite goals. And the evidence is all around me; from my stacks of journals and visual diaries, art books, paintings in various stages, art supplies stacked up on a case beside my desk…check out these photos as evidence:

4 thoughts on “Thinking about my art practice

  1. Hi Cath,
    Yes, I know what you mean about ‘clutter’. Sometimes, i spend hours just re-arranging the stuff in my (small) studio.
    it is easy to lose track of things in a small space where things end up on top of each other ha! Thanks for the comment on my banner, too. I appreciate the feedback.



  2. My clutter scares me, it is so out of control at the moment. It’s my summer project. You can consider yourself a role model, because I am finishing up a Foundation Art course now, and I am really keen to get back to my own art practice. Your post reminds me to make goals and protect my workflow.


  3. imagine after three years of Doing a Fine Art degree!!!
    i have now done hat had show on Friday my art practice begins now or rather continues….
    Need to think of the next project…..
    no one is as bad as me with clutter!!!


  4. Cath – interesting post – I’ve been doing a lot of reviewing of my academic work. In particular since progress on the project of the last three years has been so difficult to define. I think we’re sometimes looking in the wrong places for outcomes, while all the exciting stuff is just happening at the corner of our viewpoint.


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