Working on a project

I’ve been working on a boxed book project that involves photos, collage, paint etc. I made a start at the weekend, sitting at my home-office desk instead of in my art room – due to the almost sub-zero temperatures we’ve been experiencing my outside art room is off limits. Here’s a peek at the underlayers on the box the book will be housed in. evidence 009

3 thoughts on “Working on a project

  1. Hm…. VERY intriguing,,,, I’d love to see more photos of the book in a box as it comes together. Book art is fascinating, I’m often full of good intentions to do more with that. Only… time 🙂


  2. Your signature colors at work in this, and I love the swirly
    design, as well as the obviously energetic brushtrokes.
    Seems so strange for it to be unearthly cold there, as of course it’s
    just the opposit here.


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