Da Vinci brushes

Yesterday I was in Hamilton, about 5 hours drive from here, and had the chance to visit Gordon Harris Art Supplies. I fell totally in love with the Da Vinci brush range. The ones I was looking at are only their hobby brushes but they are *so* soft and beautiful to touch. The bigger ones in that range are $30-40 each, so not exactly cheap in NZ$, but not extravagant either. 

I bought a 1 1/2″ Mottler, a 2″ Mottler and a lovely fine round. I can’t wait to use them. Has anyone else tried the Da Vinci brushes?


3 thoughts on “Da Vinci brushes

  1. No I haven’t, Cath, but they look delicious! I love looking through the wonderful brushes at the art supply store. Sad to say I spring for a pricey one only once in a great while.

    Enjoy! You’re worth it!


  2. Hey Cath just found your site lol
    Yes I have the same brushes which I purchased about 2 months ago from the same store, they are my favourite brushes, espescially the wide one for backgrounds, and they are wearing really well much better than some of the other more expensive ones Ive purchased, would def. recommend them:-)


  3. Yes, great brushes for varnishing, the flat ones. Or for laying down washes on big surfaces. Trouble is I can’t find anyone who sells the big flat ones anywhere.


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