Wonderful gift from Jeanette Jobson

When Watermarks first started I visited all the contributing artists blogs, including Jeanette Jobson at Illustrated Life.  Watermarks is a small community of artists who make art from water. They all sketch, draw and/or paint water – the sea, the coastline, beaches, rivers, streams, waterfalls, fountains – in all contexts, styles, genres and media.

Anyway, just by commenting on one of Jeanette’s post on her blog, I won a watercolour portrait done by her. How generous is that? Boy, was I excited!  With Mum’s 85th birthday coming up I decided it would be great to have Jeanette paint a portrait of Mum, so I emailed off some photos.

Guess what turned up in the mail yesterday, all the way from Newfoundland? Not one, but two beautiful watercolour portraits of Mum. (my scans are not doing the work justice, sorry about that, can’t seem to fix) So now I am even more excited, because it means I can give one to Mum and one to my sister Ailsa.

Jeanette is a generous and talented artist; I am thrilled to have some of her work way down here in New Zealand.

Watercolour portrait of Pam Barker by Jeanette Jobson

Watercolour portrait of Pam Barker by Jeanette Jobson

Portrait of Mum by Jeanette Jobson

Portrait of Mum by Jeanette Jobson

3 thoughts on “Wonderful gift from Jeanette Jobson

  1. Cath, it was my pleasure to paint your Mum. I only apologize for being so slow it getting it to you.

    Please wish your Mother a happy birthday for me. I hope you all have a wonderful day together.


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