85th birthday party

We had Mum’s 85th birthday party yesterday with family and friends. Her half brother John, and half sister Margaret, were able to join us which was great. Mum was in her 60s when she discovered she’s adopted and then found out she had siblings. Incredible and such a blessing in her old age. We had cake and balloons and laughter – and I was able to publicly thank the people who help us keep Mum at home with us. We sure couldn’t do it on our own.  As I have said before, sure I get tired, sure sometimes I want my own life all to myself – but I know this is the best thing for Mum and I – we have a bond that is so close, and this time together is a gift not all daughters get.


2 thoughts on “85th birthday party

  1. I am enrichd by reading about your caring relationship with your Mum. The time I had caring for mine was very difficult and I can’t imagine how I could have handled her without building on to our house or moving to a larger one with a room and seperate housekeeping for full time provider.
    Is it too personal to ask what your living space is and what modifications you have made for your Mum? I think what you are doing in sharing your experience is important for others to know.


  2. I’m so happy to hear of your Mum’s 85th birthday. What a great attitude you have, too. If my own dear Mom were still alive, she would turn 85 next month. Thank you for sharing with us, it warms my heart to read about you and your Mum.


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