A good question, and the answer…

Diane asked “Is it too personal to ask what your living space is and what modifications you have made for your Mum?” Good question Diane.

We moved into Mum’s 3 bedroom house with her when she first got really sick. We shifted her from the main bedroom to the smaller one, not to get the “good” room, but so that she is right next to the toilet at night.

We turned the tiny bathroom into a ‘wet room’ so that her caregivers can shower her without worrying about mess and shower curtains etc. The hospital system provided rails in the bathroom and toilet and a fancy chair for her at the kitchen table so she can get up easily. They also put a good rail at the back porch so she can get up and down the 4 steps to the house. We may need a ramp at the front door eventually.

We turned the second bedroom into an office / art room so that I have space to escape to and relax in. That’s as important as the other modifications!

We bought Mum an electronic bed so that when she’s at her sickest we can adjust the slope to help her breathing, sit her up to eat, adjust it to make a bump under her knees to ease her back if she’s uncomfortable.

Mum gifted the house to us, with my sister’s approval, so that when Mum goes we are not suddenly home less. My sister thinks that is fair after, at this stage, 11 years of caregiving.

So we haven’t had to do anything too dramatic thank goodness, and it has worked out well.


5 thoughts on “A good question, and the answer…

  1. May I suggest a title that will list this post on Google. Your blog is already listed under your name and Mt. Egmont. So all you have to do to be listed under In Home Caregiving Life Solution for Seniors is to have these words in your title. What you are doing is very important and could be useful inspiration to many.


  2. How wonderful that you and your sister have agreement on your Mum’s care and house. So many families struggle with this. Good on you for sorting everything out up front.


  3. I was alone and in your situation for the last 3 years of my mother’s life Cath. I wasn’t so fortunate with my siblings and still feel bitter about all that happened. Yay for you that your sis has been lovely and what you and Tony do for your mother is truly precious.
    Now my DH has been a wheelchair user for the last 9 years, I am so used to life with someone disabled, it’s second nature to put him first!! However, having art to fall back on is a blessing, isn’t it? =)


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