The NZ Art Guild challenge that finished a week or so ago started with a photograph of some bones. We could do anything we liked, and boy, did I like. Here’s the details of the two works I produced for the challenge.

Original photo ref of bones

1. Title: I love Anthro Bones #1.  Medium: Fluid acrylic on cream colourfix paper, 9×11.5″
Inspiration: I knew straight away there were amazing hearts in the bones so I took the photo down to stencil setting in photoshop to simplify the edges and make the hearts shapes stand out.

anthro bones 1

2. Title: I love Anthro Bones #2. Medium: Watercolour, gel pen and oil pastels on Daler-Rowney 300gsm rough watercolour paper, 8.5×11.5″
Inspiration: In photoshopping the image to stencil to see the hearts betters, I decided the image needed some “bling” so I used white gel pen and neon colours to give the heart of the bones some sparkle.

anthro bones 2


4 thoughts on “Bones

  1. I love both the anthro bones entries. A fun challenge, huh?
    I enjoyed reading about Mum’s birthday party and found family connections. How exciting for her! It’s also interesting learning how you came to be the caregiver,,and the arrangements made to assist in that. A special daughter,,,very special!


  2. I love your interpretation of the bones. Its perfect.

    I really enjoy drawing bones and lucked into a duck skull on the edge of the woods, compliment of the fox, not good for one of my ducks! However, seeing the underlying structure is so valuable.


  3. WOW! The bones are great, I love the heart shapes in the purple piece. And what a wonderful daughter you are, and how special you can be close and give such care to your dear Mum. God Bless you!


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