My mapping went “awol”

As you saw a few posts back, I am fascinated with the way modern Aboriginal artists map the land, often from memory. I had a play a week or so back and at the weekend found time to have another shot.It’s not as easy as it looks! Why? Because my brain automatically decides to do “western perspective” landscapes instead, and not very well at that. I think producing something that satisfies my idea of ‘mapping’ the land around me is going to be way more of a learning curve than I had imagined. Bring it on I say…

In the meantime, here are just four of the many I did at the weekend, all on Fabriano Artistico140lb 5×7″ watercolour paper with Golden Fluid acrylics. It was interesting to see the work got looser and more abstract the longer I had a brush in my hand.

3 thoughts on “My mapping went “awol”

  1. I love your current obsessionwith mapping. I think I could catch it! In a former life I worked for the Dept of Survey and Land Info and amongst my colleagues were a number of cartographers. We had maps everywhere. It is to my great regret that when I left after 20 odd years I didn’t ask for one of the old ones.


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