We interrupt this art for …

some quick family news and a plea. The family news has no names for privacy sake.

Dad’s last surviving brother has bowel cancer – he’s 88, in no pain, and should have a bed in the hospice by Friday. His daughter has basal skin cancer that has to come off next week. His granddaughter is about to have her 1 year check up following removal of a nasty cancerous tumour in her leg last year. So we’re going through one of those rough patches. There has been a lot of cancer in my extended family, on both sides.

Now for the plea. Please, please – get skin spots checked, have your breast screening done, get checked for prostate cancer. Don’t whimper and whine; like Nike says – just DO IT.

4 thoughts on “We interrupt this art for …

  1. I third this. My mother had a melanoma removed from her leg a couple of years ago and has a HUGE ugly hole in her leg. It was a tiny spot caused bysunbathing in her teens. Despoite keeping out of the sun for 30 years the damage was done.

    Don’t sunbathe!


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