Crusade #33 – back to school


Michelle’s challenge over at the GPP Street Team this month is to learn something new, either in or out of the studio – you can read all about it here. I decided this month I would learn to let go of the results a bit more, and just enjoy the process. In the spirit of going back to school I have been reading about the creative process, about play, and about some new cutting-edge techniques – trying to make my objective an active on. Some of the books I have dipped into have included Nita Leland’s “The new creative artist“, Nancy Reyner’s “Acrylic revolution” and Lisa Cyr’s “Art revolution“.  

Moving on from reading, I have been playing with looser backgrounds as beginnings to works, collage, enhancing digitally then printing and working further on paper. In the image shown here I photographed a chook in amongst some weeds, made a loose background with texture, collaged the photo on, added some old watercolour painting strips on top, scanned and enhanced digitally. Is it a masterpiece? Not at all. Did I let go off the results and just learn through play? Yes.

Thanks Michelle – my “back to school” lesson was one I needed to start (re)learning. chook crop

8 thoughts on “Crusade #33 – back to school

  1. Letting go of the results wouldn’t always mean more learning. It would be a healthy way to keep blood pressure down. A certain amount of allowing things to happen is relaxing. Allowing things to happen creats a dialog. IAllowing the medium some say would allow an openess to possible new solutions and new ways of seeing. Struggling to have results also means learning.
    Good post.


  2. Cath – great piece, interesting layers. I love what you said about trying to be lass results oriented. Messing around is how we teach ourselves new tricks….often by accident. Bravo for reading new books too, but then digging in and doing the real work. Thanks for sharing with the team! xo


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