NZ Art Guild Challenge #11

Title: Inspire me.  Size: 10″ square.  Medium: acrylics, ink, collage, rubber stamping, gel pen.  Inspiration: I bought some new art books from Amazon recently, and have been learning some new techniques – books and learning new things being two of the things that inspire me. The book cover collaged on at top left is one of the new books I got, called “Taking flight” by Kelly Rae Roberts. The style of this piece is what she teaches in the book.


4 thoughts on “NZ Art Guild Challenge #11

  1. Hi. I have that book too! The techniques were great but the most interesting thing for me was her advice about listening to your ‘whispers.’ Im trying 🙂

    I just joined the NZ Art guild and am hopping around the web getting to know folks.


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