Crusade #35 – what’s your sign?


Over at Michelle’s GPP Crusades blog, this month’s challenge is to document your sign. Michelle says “The signs I’m talking about are images or things that make you think of a loved one”. My instant thought was “I can do that, possibly even without crying”. And I did. Because I needed to write so much I have created my journal page in Word and Photoshop and will be printing it out to glue into my journal as a reminder to myself.  So, come on, why not join the Crusades too, and tell us about your sign? (By the way, documenting my sign turned out to be more imporant than doing something artsy this time. I didn’t even pick up a paintbrush!)

dad show me a sign copy

10 thoughts on “Crusade #35 – what’s your sign?

  1. i too am very touched by your story and the sharing of your feelings. so lovely and special. i appreciate that you told me you lost your folks so early on..i truly do know what a gift it is having your older family around to love and share. blessings, wanda


  2. Cath – what a terrific and touching story about your *bright spark* and his message to you. Love the photo under the words too. Thanks for sharing your *sign*. And thanks for reminding us that documenting it is the important thing, not how you do it. I loved hearing you managed to do without tears – shows growth, healing and acceptance. Happy tears from me for you. xo


  3. Thank you for this beautiful page and your touching personal sign.
    Loved to read in your reaction on my blog that you have a book about the book of Kells. Despite of computers I think books will live on. Helen


  4. So glad to read this. It’s amazing how we can almost miss these signs, isn’t it, when at first our denial is so great? We need to nearly be knocked over with them. It sounds like your dad was doing exactly what he loved best when he passed. That is how I have asked to go – not attached to tubes and machines. I wish you peace, my friend. xo


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