Art and words – my 2010 word is…

Every year I decide on a word that is going to be my beacon throughout the year. The word gives me a focus and a framework for action. I write it up nice and big on the whiteboard above my desk, it’s in my diary, on my screen-saver, on my inspiration wall – wherever I go, there it is. Most year’s it is something about the whole of life, like ‘relax’, or ‘focus’.

But not as we head into 2010. This year I have some personal goals, which I am not sharing, but am internally visualizing instead. My word this year is intended solely for my art, although as I live with and use the word I have no doubt I will start to find it fits with the whole of life. Why? Because my art and the whole of my life are inseparable.

So what is the word? MAP. Yes, you read that right. Map

I mentioned a while back that I was starting a new body of work, different to what has gone before. Tomorrow I’ll be starting to put those works up on the web (it would have been today but I spent the day at the hospital with Mum again). Map relates to those works and to the thought processes behind those works. Over the next few day I will MAP out my thoughts a bit more clearly.

In the meantime, thank you for visiting my blog and for being a cyber-friend. I wish you a safe and prosperous new year and trust that 2010 will be kind to you and yours.

Odd and ends in our house

Well, Christmas is over, I have a few days holiday left, and it’s raining so, yes, I have been painting hard out. I should have some work to show you tomorrow as I have 3 40cm square canvas all but finished. Initially things weren’t going so well with them, but once I realised the problem was I had other people’s work in mind, not my own, the problem vanished! People worry about artists copying their work but I couldn’t if I tried. Seeing other might influence me, but once I pick up my mark making tools it is *me* that comes out on that canvas each and every time.

Today I purchased Alyson Stanfield’s book The relatively pain-free artist statement – you can read about Alyson here.  Why? As I mentioned a while back, I have started on a new body of work; it’s quite different from what I have done before and I want to market it well. That means writing and talking about it, so I figured the advice of a professional was warranted. I’ll be working through the book starting tomorrow, and will let you know how it’s going.

When I’m not painting I’ve been busy with Mum as the chest infection I gave her sprang back to life as soon as she finished the antibiotics. I think since she had pneumonia in the middle of the year she’s been a bit more susceptible. Here’s what our dog Faith had to say about it today:

Today I have been relaxing on Grandma’s knee, on the mohair rug in 26 degree heat, cos Grandma’s been sick. Mum went to the hospital with her the other night and waited 4 hours – she was a bit cross when she got home. But not very cross, cos she says sometimes it has been Grandma that makes the doctors and nurses run late, so fair’s fair.
Grandma has a chest infection, but the staff kept asking about the big bruise on her arm – and Grandma couldn’t remember how it happened. When we got home Mum and Grandma were laughing, saying that a this rate the Police will be round any day to accuse Mum of beating up Grandma.

Feeling better, doing more layers

Having passed my chest infection on to my husband (remember marriage vows – for better or worse – this is worse) and my mother (blast! at 85, it’s not a good thing) – I’m feeling a bit better. Although the house still sounds a bit like a TB ward really. Now that I have my coughing under control, and a wee bit of energy back, I need to get creating. The longer I don’t create anything, the worse I feel and the harder it is to get going again. I am sure many of you know exactly what I mean. So today I have been playing with this idea again:

I’ve taken one of the two large backgrounds and added some transparent freezing works imagery over the top. I want to print this out at roughly A3 size then work back over the top in oil stick and charcoal. I had already done one, and was pleased with it, so some more will help me decide if this is the path to follow or not.

Middle aged – and sick!

I turned 45 yesterday. I don’t mind birthdays no matter what the number. I’m one of those “who cares, it’s only a number” people. But this birthday has been rotten. Not because of the birthday, but because I am sick. Out of the blue I have a hideous chest infection; coughing till I choke, wheezing in my chest, sore muscles from coughing type sick.

Tony keeps saying I should go to A&E and get checked out. No way – I will see my own Doctor on Monday. In the meantime I am sleeping when I need to, drinking plenty, taking painkillers and trying not to blame the savagery of my cold on my advancing age 😉

Still testing the water for works paintings

This is another of the larger experiments as I feel my way towards a process I am happy with for the Freezing Works series of paintings. The process is much the same as with my previous post. I am still feeling good about this general direction, if not the actual result so far, which needs a lot more work yet.