Adding more layers

I have taken the warmer of the two large backgrounds and added some transparent freezing works imagery over the top. I want to print this out at roughly A3 size then work back over the top in oil stick and charcoal. Still exploring, still wondering what my path should be. But having fun with the process…


5 thoughts on “Adding more layers

  1. Very, very, cool, Cath. I love it.

    And a query – I thought I’d take the plunge and enter the NZ Art Guild Challenge this month but where do I upload the photo of my work to?


  2. Hi Mel. Great that you’re entering. I found this:

    The NZ Art Guild Challenge will now be open to Facebook members via our group:

    If you are already registered on facebook, please join the group. If you are not registered to facebook please feel free to do so, it is free to join and a great networking tool.

    The Facebook Challenges will be exactly the same as the forum challenges and run at the same time, but will NOT be included in the selection of “People’s Choice” or “Most Creative”.

    Members may choose if they wish to load their works on Facebook. It is not compulsory to do so.

    Members must submit their artworks to the Forum to be included in voting.


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