Middle aged – and sick!

I turned 45 yesterday. I don’t mind birthdays no matter what the number. I’m one of those “who cares, it’s only a number” people. But this birthday has been rotten. Not because of the birthday, but because I am sick. Out of the blue I have a hideous chest infection; coughing till I choke, wheezing in my chest, sore muscles from coughing type sick.

Tony keeps saying I should go to A&E and get checked out. No way – I will see my own Doctor on Monday. In the meantime I am sleeping when I need to, drinking plenty, taking painkillers and trying not to blame the savagery of my cold on my advancing age 😉

4 thoughts on “Middle aged – and sick!

  1. Wish you were well for your birthday! I’m 48 but feel about birthdays the way you do. Just a number.

    Thanks for visiting me and leaving me your link. I have really enjoyed my visit here; I love the border collie painting. I’m sure your friend will cherish it.

    Hope you’re feeling better very soon!


  2. I’m browsing through some of your former posts, and can totally sympathize with this one. I got sick a couple days before Christmas, and that’s why I had to shop on Christmas eve. Bleh. And since I’m forty-something also, I’m with you: it’s only a number!
    Love the cartoon!


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