Patea Freezing Works paintings – Derelict XI

A couple of months back I withdrew all my works from my website, Etsy etc while I thought long and hard about the direction my work was going. My intention was to come up with a body of work that sat well together, that I could show as a whole, and that all said “she painted it”. I took the advice of a good friend whose work and business ethic I admire, did lots of research, immersed my self in the subject and then got painting.

And I am happy! I have done 6 works so far, with four more almost done. I set myself a standard size, a limited number of colours, and an overall style. It’s amazing how much freedom I have felt with those boundaries in place, because it lets me be very free in other ways but still know they will ‘hang together’.

I think  for me there are two really pleasing outcomes from all this work. The first is that the works do all look like one person did them – I can see my own style in them. The second, and most important thing in a personal sense, is related to that. These feel far more true to what I really what to paint, and how I like to make marks, than all the works I have done in the last 18 months or so. I am not sure why this is, but I am glad it is.

So, here is the first of the series. I’d love to hear what you think.

Oh, and here’s where I am at with writing an artist statement to go with them: The Patea landscape, both seen and remembered, is the starting point for my current work, especially the derelict Freezing Works which is being dismantled even as I paint it. These works explore the boundary between reality and abstraction; the colours are an expression of my feelings about a place or a moment in time. The Freezing Works was a multi-layered environment, built over many years and in many geographic directions, and in the same way the paintings are layered with marks made by scraping, wiping, dripping and pushing the paint around until the surface matches the memory.Derelict XI


3 thoughts on “Patea Freezing Works paintings – Derelict XI

  1. HI Cath,
    I like it very much. I’ve always enjoyed the abstract shapes that are also representative. I like the way you think about your work too: before – during – after. Very well thought out and nicely executed.


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love all the connections that are made from blogging.

    I like what I just read here about pulling back from what you had created in the past in an effort to “find your artistic voice.” This is something I have spent quite a bit of time thinking about over the last several years and I’ve struggled to keep on track. From my viewpoint you have made the right decision by focusing your work on something that means something to you. I look forward to following your journey. I will wait to see several works before I comment in- depth.


  3. I admire your systematic approach to giving your work a voice that is uniquely yours. Your first painting is a great start in making marks to evoke a memory. Your composition is thoughtful, and there is a freshness to your palette.
    I look forward to seeing more in your series. Please continue to share…


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