Interesting exhibition by Diane Widler Wenzel

Back in August ’09 Diane Widler Wenzel at Umbrella Painting Journal wrote about a new project she had undertaken. She posted a question, I replied, then she made a vase as her interpretation of my answer. You can read my reply, and see the vase, here.

Anyway, a few months on Diane has made a series of these small vases, and some accompanying paintings, and they are heading out on exhibit titled “What is the most awesome thing ever?”. I am so excited that a vase I have a connection with, by an artist I follow, is going out where people can see it and enjoy Diane’s talent. How cool is that? Here is Diane’s post about the exhibition.

2 thoughts on “Interesting exhibition by Diane Widler Wenzel

  1. Hi Cath,
    That is a beautiful vase Diane made, thanks for the link.
    I adore your Bare Bones painting, the colors and composition are perfect. And I loved reading about your napping in your Mom’s bed. You’re so right,,,we never outgrow the comfort that comes from Mom.


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