Patea Freezing Works – Switched Off

This is another work which I completed at the weekend, called “Switched Off”. It stared with a photograph of a power switch on a factory wall, with the coloured wires going up he wall towards the ceiling. I don’t know what room it was in within the works. All the other works I have done so far have focused on the exterior of the works, but I have some incredible photos of the interior, including gears, switches and chains. Later, as the demolition continues, there will other things come on site, such as air quality monitoring kits and ground testing equipment. All fascinating stuff in its own way.

Switched Off

Speaking of fascinating. I am reading a book called ‘100 most important science ideas’. I love science; things like Fibonacci’s Numbers, the Golden Rectangle and Schrodinger’s cat. Sadly, although fascinated, my brain is not very good at science. I have a dear friend who is incredibly logical. If you gave us both 30 bits of related information, all on separate bits of paper we would handle it quite differently. She would arrange them all, mentally sort and sift and calculate – then come up with the correct answer. I would look at them all, handle them and scribble on them, perhaps fold some – then go quiet on you. Two hours later my brain makes a leap of intuition and I yell out the correct answer, frightening small children and animals in the process. (no wonder my husband sometimes panics when I do crosswords) So, I am destined to enjoy, but constantly fail at, science – ah well…
Anyway, back to art, which is much more suited to my slightly unusual brain. As with the other Freezing Works paintings, this one is 16×16″ in acrylic on canvas and will be for sale through my website.  I may not get it uploaded tonight as I seem to be having problems with our wireless connection.

4 thoughts on “Patea Freezing Works – Switched Off

  1. Cath,
    I’m glad to hear you have both interior and exterior references for the works. Both views should allow you to create some interesting comparisons.

    I chuckled at your description of two different processing profiles. I operate like your friend most of the time. I’m a huge synthesizer of information, continuously boiling it down in my head. I use the same approach when deciding on content for my work. It shows and I think how you process shows in the spontaneous look of your work. What a boring world it would be if we were all the same.


  2. I am loving the freezing works work you’re creating, Cath. What really interests me is that you are able to take something that many passers-by would deem quite ugly (the derelict building) and find the beauty within in. It’s fantastic.


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