Crusades: braving the elements

Today I found time to join the Crusades once again. Michelle’s last Crusade is here. The challenge involved making some paper snowflakes. We all made them at primary school so how hard could it be. In my case, quite hard as it tuned out. I seem to be snowflake-challenged. Seriously! I ended up going to a kindy page on the net and following their instructions. That’s my rather embarrassed admission for the day out of the way…

I made 5 snowflakes, following the instructions for 6 year olds, and ironed them flat seeing I had the iron on already. I had gessoed my journal pages right at the start, as Michelle suggested.  I brushed color on let it dry a bit, misted with water and blotted to get a splotchy effect. I dry-brushed colour around and over the snowflakes, overlapping them to get partial images, and then wiped some gesso onto the flakes to mute the colours a bit. Once everything was dry I glued my flakes down on the page.

They’re not my favorite pages ever as they stand, but I want to leave them like this so I can journal over them later. They’re a great beginning though, and that’s very cool. And, as Michelle said it would be, this Crusade was a good reminder of skills we have learnt in the past. So some on, what have you got to lose? Get cutting!

24 thoughts on “Crusades: braving the elements

  1. Yes, you selected great colors (of course since mine are similar). Your pages are beautiful. I almost never like background pages until I complete them with the focal images. It really makes a huge difference. Glad you had fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog too!


  2. Don’t feel bad about your snowflakes. I couldn’t remember how to do them either and had to resort to google to give me instructions. I love the soft colors you used.


  3. I think they turned out great! tho when i first say them, i saw wonderful hibiscus flowers, rather than snow flakes! maybe try it again in tropical colors! 😉


  4. Cath – I am cracking up at how many women have forgotten how to cut snowflakes 🙂 It’s a great lesson itself, to step back in time and recall the many things we used to be able to do….Thanks for sharing your pages. I think they are lovely as is….they represent part of a journey.


  5. You are brave!! I was too chicken to even try to make snowflakes!! I love the layered colors, very peaceful! thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my page! xoSusan


  6. Hi Cath,
    Your pages look great! I’m glad to know I was not the only one who had to google “paper snowflakes” haha! Your colors are beautiful and I love the texture!


  7. Your page turned out beautiful and it will make a nice backgpound if you want to journal over it later. As for the snowflakes, truth is I did none of this stuff as a kid. Doodling is something else I am really bad at hah ….as long as it is fun it is ok. Take care! Mona


  8. Always fun to act like a six year old whenever you can, I think ! I think these pages will make a great background and taking time to play is always a good thing too, right?
    Nice job, Crusader !;)


  9. Hi Cath, I’m smiling, as I think these look great. If they aren’t suiting your fancy now,,,theycertainly will as a background.
    It’s strange,,,but often I do not follow instructions well, and do far better on my own. Maybe not so with snowflakes though!


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