Amazing news – invited to exhibit in Italy

I have been invited to exhibit at Cassino, Italy in May of this year. The exhibition is for New Zealand artists with a connection to the Battle of Cassino and World War 2 to create artwork inspired by the theme Peace and Remembrance. The exhibition is titled LEGATO. Artist Kay De Lautour is organising the exhibition in conjunction with Cassino Commune (City Council). Kay had the final say on the selection of artists based on their artwork and portfolio, and has invited me to attend on this basis.

This is an amazing chance to showcase my work to an international audience. More importantly, it is an opportunity for me to honour my father, Mansel Barker, who served in the Navy (and would never talk about it), my best friend’s father, Jack Robinson, who fought at El Alamein and was a POW and her Uncle Roy who is buried at Rimminy in Italy.

Whatever happens, my paintings will be in Italy from mid May. I would love to attend the exhibition, visit historical sites and talk with veterans who are there for the annual commemorations.

This is where I need your help. I have to fund-raise the cost of the trip so I’m selling ‘shares’ in my trip. For only $35 I am offering:

  • A share certificate
  • A hand made commemorative postcard mailed back from Cassino
  • A full colour newsletter after the trip, talking about the exhibition and my experience of going to Cassino.
  • And by, Dec 2010, an original 15x15cm painting inspired by Cassino, “my three men” and the exhibition.

So, I have a question for you: would you consider buying a share in my trip and helping to make this incredible dream a reality? If you are interested please email me at or click on the PayPal button to donate straight away. If you do use PayPal, please include your name and address so I can start sending you your goodies.

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