What do you see in this photo?

Do you see a slightly grubby desk? Paints in cut down old cartons? Nothing much? I see two things – opportunity and happiness.

Opportunity because the paints are sitting on my desk so I can make use of any spare minutes, without going in search of supplies. Opportunity because every time I pick up a bottle of paint I have the opportunity to create something new. Opportunity because paints give me freedom to express myself.

Happiness because painting relaxes me. Happiness because those paints sitting right on my home-office desk means that my family and I both accept my need to create. Happiness because I can afford to buy paints (I work fulltime, and know jobs are a scarce resource for some). Happiness because I did not always paint, and am so grateful I found my love of creating.

So what makes you happy? What opportunities face you each day?By the way, when I get a new bottle of G0lden Fluid acrylic, I open it up and smear some of the color on the lid, That way I can easily find the color I want, without ratting through all the bottles.

7 thoughts on “What do you see in this photo?

  1. Cath, that picture made me happy just looking at it! what a treasure trove of rainbow colored paints! I like how you put a little of the color on the lids, that’s a great idea!


  2. My favourite mindless but fun activity is looking at decorating/design magazines. Next to that is looking at and touching fabric. I think both of these activities play into my art in subtle ways. In another life I think I was a textile designer (at least I like to think so).

    Do you only use Golden fluid acrylics in your work? You have a great collection of them creating a brilliant palette.


  3. Just looking at your photo makes me VERY happy!
    Then, seeing all the paints on my own desk makes me happy too.
    Yes, we are very fortunate to be able to have our creative toys!


  4. Lynette – thanks for dropping by.
    Margaret – I use the Golden Fluid and Atelier Interactive together mainly, but have a few other brands as well, just because I fell in love with a particular colour.
    Babs – nice to hear you keep paints on your desk too 🙂


  5. I love the photo! I favor Golden too, and my box looks much like yours, except that it’s one big box instead of three. I even do the same thing with my paint lids! Part of it is that it makes the paints easier to find, yes, but also I just enjoy seeing the colors.


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