Garden of insanity

Each year the NZ Art Guild produces an amazing collaborative work, which is auctioned off with proceeds going to the Mental Health Foundation of NZ. I have participated the last two years and am really happy to be involved again this year.

We each receive a small panel in the mail, which is partly painted; we paint it and send it back. Apart from one or two committee members, no one knows what the whole thing is going to look like once it is put together. My piece has a deep blue/grey and a couple of shades of warm cream on it.

My piece is based on the lyrics of a HIM (His Infernal Majesty) song. For me, but probably not to others, it speaks to my heart about how love saved me almost 20 years ago now. And still saves me today. I have blossomed and grown in the last 20 years with that love. Hence the flowers (blooms). I never go into the details except to say my life was a mess (my “garden of insanity”). Tony, both literally and figuratively, saved me.

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